It's not his fault that he's tempting

Now freeze

Feezbe cans on the beach Feezbe cans on the beach

Do you know those people who arrive late everywhere
just to have that head turning entry?
Well, Freezbe is one of them. And now he is here. With the tempting aroma that
only he has. He picked up some friends on the way, like lychee, apple, melon,
orange, grape, strawberry and blueberries, and together those 7 flavors,
like real good buddies, complement each other.

Freezbe, a fresh drinks series with fruit flavors, carbonated and
low on sugar. Can weight 330 ml, manufactured in our factory in Thailand Tested and
approved by the FDA and has all the necessary certifications, including Badatz, Halal,
and OK – an exclusive registered trademark of Blanco.

Blanco Group


Thailand, Morocco, Colombia, Israel, Bulgaria and more:
The truly great discoveries are hiding in the most unexpected places
. And from there we bring you the good news after we have searched all over the world.
We always taste and try, but…We don’t choose to embrace all of them, but only the few
witty, wild, imaginative, new and most special flavors,
the ones that will excite you as well.
All of the Blanco brands wear special packages and creative designs
that grab your attention right away from the shelf.
All of the company products have a registered trade mark and they are distributed
exclusively by Blanco via local distributors.

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